Manifestation Transmutation

Manifestation: A Product of Self Determination and Creation


It’s a very simple exercise yielding untapped creativity unbounded by ability and genius. Fixing and holding one’s attention to the specific desired reality inside one’s imagination literally manifests through correspondence on the mental and then physical plane. In simple terms one literally attracts his or her own predominate mental attitude. This ability of the mind is the root cause to every effect in ones existence. Science tells us we exist as vibrating balls of energy. Everything vibrates within a tide. Master transmutation to the ebb and flow of energy tide in one’s life which vibrates under a constant rhythm.


There are male and female energies within each of us. The male energy is in the direction of giving out expression using free will in its phases. The female principle is in the direction of receiving impressions, generating new thoughts , concepts, and ideas, including the work of the imagination. There must be a balance in these two forces. Without the Feminine, the Masculine is apt to act without restraint or reason, resulting in chaos. The Feminine on the other hand, is apt to constantly reflect and fail to actually do anything, resulting in stagnation. With both the male and female energy in conjunction, there is thoughtful action that breeds success in manifestation.


The ability to manifest one’s reality is the most powerful gifts the human species has been endowed with. Under the guidance of laws of attraction one can harness this power to create a reality vibrating on the frequency in harmony with love. Everything exists in a duality with extremes at opposite ends of the poles and many different degrees between. Transforming one’s own mental state and conditions can be achieved by consciously applying the principals discussed thus far. Mental Transmutation is the art of transforming one’s own mental state. All is mind.


Awareness of one’s predominate mental attitude empowers them to change current conditions from a negative state to a positive state simply by reversing the frequency of the energy or thought. It’s a path to enact the laws of attraction which correspond mental certitude to physical reality.


Flexing of the mind and demonstration of this power can be measured by free will to chart ones future and determine outcome of their own lives. I am not suggesting the universe is a vending machine to self service rather that life can be guided to the ideal outcome by consciously focusing free will backed by selfless intent and gratitude. Some examples to follow:


Envision signing the sale of the house under a price which makes you feel gratitude. Whatever price you choose be certain of it and see it as already happening. The process of envisioning your outcome literally creates the outcome. The future only exists in probabilities of possibilities and by consciously focusing your attention on the desired outcome you literally manifest that probability into reality. Be mindful that the power of this ability is driven by ones intent. It is the linking behind the idea which feeds the creation.


Examples of intent based on the earlier example of selling a house. Holding which of the following intents is most likely to manifest?


A. Sell the house at any price to move away from parents because you hate being close to them

B. Sell the house at $255k to move to Guelph

C. Sell house at $270 and move to guelph to help bro in his life with parents to help everyone else

D. Selll house at $270 to have enough money not to work for a year.


In the choices above, choice “A” could be considered negative or neutral intent. The problem with hating being close to your parents is that it only attracts you more to being close to your parents. Anger is a powerful force and when applied to a thought manifests more of that same thought. This is a place where reversing the frequency could really help. Rephrase choice as with positive intent “Sell house at fair price with love for having space between your family.


Choice B. Is a little better because it is specific but and neutral. Yet it lacks real power because there is no perceived benefit backing the idea.

Choice C is the most likely to manifest the resulting sale of the house because it is in the vein of helping and giving to others.

Choice D could be conceived as a positive intent but it is actually without principal, empty of creative substance.


The trick to this question is to limit the choices. The most powerful intentions are ones which affect the most with the largest perceived benefit. Choice “E” for intention behind manifesting selling the house is as follows:


Sell house at $270 and broker the deal yourself to help you grow and mom let go (or break patterned conditioning) then move to guelph to free up your energy to aid in more focus on helping your brother and other family and in the proceesss help your parents by 1. giving space 2. Teaching Greg some of the ideas and concepts which can help him bring awareness and growth home and to others. Also help you help Sue in the process. SO MUCH INTENT!


This basic exercise literally manifests it’s corresponding intent. Holding the desired outcome with absolute certainty of the outcome that there is not even a hint of fear or doubt which exists only to erode the idea. When you obtain this state of belief in the desired outcome you move into a state of receiving in gratitude. Feeling the feelings now of what it will be like when you receive what you have asked for. This raises your frequency to receive.


I want to thank you for listening and hope you can find time in your every day to consciously construct and imagine your desired reality with certitude and gratitude.


Thank You,


Robs Word


A testimonial of a guy applying this exercise with sexual energy as follow:


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  1. Its 2013, I’m trapped in a vortex which has sucked all matter out of the spacetime continuum. Strange geometric shapes seem to be within arms reach but elude upon approach.

    Internet access is sparse, but I maintain a positive attitude through the power of manifestation.

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