WPF Dependency Property and Drawing’s

Yesterday was the middle of month 1 08. We all best pay attention to the differences between a UI Element and a Framework Element. These classes cross a breaking line. The line will soon be drawn in the sand. More accurately it will be drawn in the sand then a dependency created between it’s properties and that of the output of a clock generated from a Timeline updating that very line in the sand which seems to be moving.

The question remains will Silverlight 2.0 be the answer to our questions and fantasies about ubiquitous software development through the magic of the .net framework, software architecture and code generation technology. Hey while we are at lets all include Linux sliverlight .net users on this ride.

Model View Presenter? What does it it mean on the context of a true composite architecture lego pieces.net

The future of Moel View Presenter is inside composition of structure. The implementation is System.Windows.dll. Correct kids I will write a new set of UI controls based on geometry data and IInputElement.


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