Redirect GoDaddy Domain to WordPress Blog

How to setup wordpress blog hosting with your own domain for almost free (wordpress hosted blog). Only cost is to purchase a domain name. Example as follows using

Step 1. Create free wordpress account.

Step 2. Create the wordpress blog and optionally select a wordpress theme or template.

Step 3. Login to your hosting control panel or GoDaddy account.
Update nameservers to point to wordpress nameservers.
godaddy wordpress nameserver

Fig 1. Update wordpress name servers (,

Step 4. Purchase wordpress credits in your wordpress global dashboard | Upgrades
Step 5 . Upgrade your free wordpress blog to use a domain. This will cost you 10 wordpress credits. You can pay for credits with paypal. or credit cards. After you have made your purchase you can spend the credits by adding a domain as in fig 2.

Purchase wordpress credits
Fig2. Domain pointing to free blog hosted on wordpress.

Step 5. Enjoy your wordpress domain name


17 Responses to Redirect GoDaddy Domain to WordPress Blog

  1. inkrambles says:

    This info is exactly what I was looking for and I am glad to have found it. I just transferred one name and am getting ready to do another.

    Just a suggestion. Make sure to mention that it can be up to 72 hours before the name server change takes effect. Otherwise your domain is in limbo and could cause problems if the switch is too soon. I watched my domain addresses through Internik’s “Whois” service at

    I don’t know if that is the best way, but when it quit giving the Go Daddy dns names and showed the WordPress 1, 2 and 3 addresses I switched over.



  2. gusf says:

    Thanks for the info. Exactly what I was looking for as well and thanks inkrambles for letting know it will take that long. You would think that in the internet age this would be automatic.

  3. Will says:

    Thank you Sir,

  4. Top Cat says:

    Thanks, Rob. I did this with my domain which now points to wordpress.

    I purchased a GoDaddy account thru Google Apps.

    Unfortunately though, my email accounts accessed through Google Apps no longer work.

    And when I go back into the domain manager, I only see nameservers listed, not MX, CNAME etc.

    As far as I know, it’s possible to use wordpress AND Google Apps with GoDaddy – I just want Google Apps for the handy unlimited email usernames.

    Any ideas?


  5. Top Cat says:

    Okay, I sorted it out in the end.

    Phoned up the people who offer Google App’s tech support and they suggested changing all the google nameservers back again. And then simply forwarding to the wordpress blog.

    They then got me to update the other settings in the domain manager and google apps mail works again.

    The alternative would have been to contact wordpress and get them to sort it out but I doubt they would have been too helpful.

    Anyway, it’s all working great and thanks to Rob for recommending WordPress. It really is much more user friendly than the equivalent google blog tools.

  6. Yes absolutely you can admin DNS records using Total DNS from the Domain Registration and Management section.

    Help working with Total DNS can be found at

    For direct support call them and ask them to make the entry on your behalf.

    24/7 Sales & Support: (480)505-8877

  7. Jim McMillan says:

    Thanks Rob. (My name showing up now as Jim now not Top Cat.)

    I am a bit of a technophone but will try to have another stab at it this week. Right now, I just have it forwarding from GoDaddy to WordPress. This is okayish but of course, the URL looks a bit amateurish because it’s got ‘wordpress’ in the title.

    As I’ve paid for WordPress to host it, I might as well use it.

  8. Jim McMillan says:

    Rob, when I look at WordPress, this (below) is what they tell me. It looks like when you hand over to wordpress, you lose a lot of power. I want to be able to use my google apps features with the domain – email etc. Advice?

    This from their FAQ –

    Can I create CNAME entries or MX records for my domain?

    Can I create subdomains?

    All of my personal details are visible when someone does a WHOIS lookup on my domain. Can I change to a private domain registration?

    No. Our domain reseller account does not have this option. If you wait 60 days after the date when the domain was registered, you can transfer it to another registrar that supports private domain registrations.
    How do I get FTP access to my domain?

    Registering a domain does not get you FTP access to your blog or domain. Domains registered at do not get a hosting account like you might get at other registrars or hosting companies.

  9. Perhaps the next logical step is to point your domain to the godaddy name servers. From there you can make an explicit host entry in your godaddy name servers to point to your wordpress ip address.

    Example should be the host entry for

    Perhaps you could try that and let us know if it works.

  10. Jim McMillan says:

    Hi Rob. Fortunately, I didn’t need to try that because – more by accident than design – I figured out how to do it.

    I went back into the domain manager and unenabled the forwarding to WordPress. Then repeated your original instruction – delete their nameservers and replace them with

    Then, I went into my WordPress dashboard. (As I am already verified with Google Apps, I didn’t need to go through the slightly complicated steps to do that.)
    From the dashboard, I just went –
    – Settings
    – Domains
    – Enable Google MX
    It asks you for your google CNAME record, which you can find in the Go Daddy domain manager. (Make a note of it BEFORE you change nameserver details as it won’t be there afterwards.)

    After buying the credits, it should say
    your – Redirecting to (Put blog here)

    If it instead says – Redirecting to your (Put blog here) simply click on (Put blog here) to switch it around.

    I’ve probably gone about it a very laborious way, but thanks for your help and I got there in the end.

    By the way, a footnote to this –
    Wordpress tells you that at present it only supports Google mail and not the other cool Google Apps features like documents, calendar etc.

    Mine are all working though!

    Perhaps this is because I set the domain up with Google Apps first and got everything working then just changed the nameserver details in the domain manager. Makes a big difference to be able to use documents with your domain name.

    So perhaps it might be an idea for people to set up their Go Daddy domain name first with Google Apps and wait until they have got all the applications working before purchasing the domain credits with WordPress.

  11. lsi says:

    it would be better with other languages support, but thanks..

  12. Thank you so much!! This is my second blog that I moved from Quick Blogcast and this time it was much easier following your directions. Now transferring my old blogs over, that one could be tricky. Thanks again.

  13. M P says:

    I called up godaddy. They told me to create an A record with this ip 5 minutes later, my godaddy domain now points to my wordpress blog. Best part is that I don’t have to pay anything extra to godaddy or wordpress.

  14. rmalcolm88 says:

    Could not have done it without this post. I found

    If it instead says – Redirecting to your (Put blog here) simply click on (Put blog here) to switch it around.

    To be the charm I needed. Thanks Jim M!!

  15. Dominic says:

    Hello I am just looking around many different websites that offer domain names. Well this is rediculous on how many people out there charge you for so many items that don’t need to be bought and still get the same quality as the paid for sites. I have found out that all you need to really pay out is max $10 year and no more for any product on domain names. And you can get free hosting, website design programs, free personalized emails, free blog account, and free online picture site. ALL WITH A $10 PAYMENT. So don’t waste your time on paying anymore for what you need unless you are running a huge website. And still it shouldn’t cost more than $89.00 Year. By the way if the Blog owner lets me post this I have settled down with rnrstuff .net. But there are other like this site here that seem real nice. But Beware the Domain BIZ is still very young and it is still got alot of growing so get it while its young.

  16. Loosha says:

    I’m oh so very confused. My apologies if this sounds stupid– you’re saying once you pay for your domain name, you won’t have to pay anymore, but you actually also have to pay the 10 dollars a year for the forwarding- no? Did I misunderstand? I used to have a blogger account where I could have my domain name go automatically to my blog– why does this service cost money?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Loosha,
      The reason for the cost is that wordpress is a free service and in exchange for this it is usually hosted on a sub-domain. When you remove the reference to wordpress in the domain name they charge a nominal service fee of $10 per year to have your custom domain setup in their wordpress name servers.

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