The mind takes over and disguises itself in explanation.

October 27, 2008

Provide more stillness

just needing to be right

Recognize the energy is taking over

the soul can’t be at rest

to rest you just have to connect to breathing

if you resist live at all there is an internal contraction

that is not life.

soul gets lost in the world and what the world is telling you is not sane

there are just thoughts and

what you resist persists

if you want to fight something

consciousness of humanity


I am seeking to feel negative about them.

oh i am so stupid
oh i ma looking for

when fighting you should be just as you are when alone be present in effortless

conscious answers


Ownership of Control

July 24, 2008

It seems people today feel they need to own you and the ideas and generally feel incontrol of what is going on.

WPF Dependency Property and Drawing’s

January 17, 2008

Yesterday was the middle of month 1 08. We all best pay attention to the differences between a UI Element and a Framework Element. These classes cross a breaking line. The line will soon be drawn in the sand. More accurately it will be drawn in the sand then a dependency created between it’s properties and that of the output of a clock generated from a Timeline updating that very line in the sand which seems to be moving.

The question remains will Silverlight 2.0 be the answer to our questions and fantasies about ubiquitous software development through the magic of the .net framework, software architecture and code generation technology. Hey while we are at lets all include Linux sliverlight .net users on this ride.

Model View Presenter? What does it it mean on the context of a true composite architecture lego

The future of Moel View Presenter is inside composition of structure. The implementation is System.Windows.dll. Correct kids I will write a new set of UI controls based on geometry data and IInputElement.

Wpf Animation: Programmatically Begin Storyboard

November 28, 2007

The following c# code example shows how to create an interactive controllable wpf storyboard using a MediaElement and MediaTimeline animation.

NameScope.SetNameScope(this, new NameScope());
MediaTimeline _audioTimeline = new MediaTimeline(“c:\temp\AudioFile.mp3”);
MediaElement _audioMediaElement = new MediaElement();
_audioMediaElement.Name = “audioMediaElement”;
RegisterName(_audioMediaElement.Name, _audioMediaElement);

_audioMediaElement.LoadedBehavior = MediaState.Manual;
_audioMediaElement.UnloadedBehavior = MediaState.Manual;

Storyboard.SetTargetName(_audioTimeline, _audioMediaElement.Name);

Storyboard _packageStoryBoard = new Storyboard();
_packageStoryBoard.SlipBehavior = SlipBehavior.Slip;

Also see How to: Control a MediaElement by Using a Storyboard in XAML

Redirect GoDaddy Domain to WordPress Blog

November 28, 2007

How to setup wordpress blog hosting with your own domain for almost free (wordpress hosted blog). Only cost is to purchase a domain name. Example as follows using

Step 1. Create free wordpress account.

Step 2. Create the wordpress blog and optionally select a wordpress theme or template.

Step 3. Login to your hosting control panel or GoDaddy account.
Update nameservers to point to wordpress nameservers.
godaddy wordpress nameserver

Fig 1. Update wordpress name servers (,

Step 4. Purchase wordpress credits in your wordpress global dashboard | Upgrades
Step 5 . Upgrade your free wordpress blog to use a domain. This will cost you 10 wordpress credits. You can pay for credits with paypal. or credit cards. After you have made your purchase you can spend the credits by adding a domain as in fig 2.

Purchase wordpress credits
Fig2. Domain pointing to free blog hosted on wordpress.

Step 5. Enjoy your wordpress domain name

Visual Studio .Net 3.5

November 28, 2007

Nov 19, 2007 Marked the release of Microsoft .Net3.5. I promised myself I would start blogging by the time .net 3.5 was released to manufacturing. I am a week late with my first blog. That is ok because I have installed the free .net 3.5 Visual Studio IDE from Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition. This is a great place to start having fun with .net 3.5 for free.

My decision to start a blog was incredibly simple to setup thanks to cheap godaddy domain hosting and free wordpress blogs. In my next post i talk about how to get a wordpress blog up and running under my own godaddy domain.